Christmas in July


full quilt 2 (Large)

At long last the split 16 Christmas quilt is finished! It is one of my UFO challenge finishes – that makes 9 out of 20. The number of pieces? 1,282! It was a lot of sewing and I am so glad I stuck with it. A Christmas quilt done in July – amazing. Now on to the other  Christmas quilt in the works!

quilt w flowers (Large)Block (Large)

I’ll need a bit of motivation to get back to it – maybe if I do something non-Christmas first. I have only about 3 more hours of work on a wall hanging that is also a UFO challenge. It will be so gratifying to be at #10.

Taking up a bit of sewing time has been helping to prep wood for the winter. I love our warm heat and low heating bills – but the work can be pretty intense. Hubby does most of it, and last weekend he and our daughter had great bonding time as they split wood for 4 hours! I don’t actually do too much, but hubby sure works like crazy and I am thankful.

It went from this...

It went from this…


to this...

to this…


to this!

to this!


Lots of cutting, splitting, stacking and sweat!

Lots of cutting, splitting, stacking and sweat!

Scrapbuster Sunday

I first started cutting the tumblers for this quilt about 6 or 7 years ago at a retreat.  Other quilters generously let me cut tumblers from their scraps.  I really wanted to do a sashing which is, of course, adding to the project.  I think it’s worth it though.  The rows are not attached to each other yet.  I have trimmed those and then need to match all those wonderful seams – what was I thinking?! I had a few decisions to make.  Do I cut through the tumblers on the sides to make it straight?  Do I add a filler at the end of the rows?  Or do I add a sashing at the end of each row and then leave the edge the shape of the tumblers?  It may make the binding a bit more challenging, but it is doable. And as you can see, the sashing at the end and  the zig zag edge is what I chose.

Tumbler (Large)

In part my decision is based on fabric. Yikes – I didn’t have enough of the blender to finish! I scoured the internet and could not find any. I then contacted customer service at Coats (it’s a Free Spirit dapple).  A few days later they blessed me with their last 2 yards in the warehouse! Wow! Now it’s back to sewing….

The daylilies are bringing new joy to the front garden each day.

Daylily 1 (Large)

Charity Quilt Workshop Day

CharityBaby (Large)Yesterday several of us gathered to work on charity quilts.  It’s fun to get together to sew, chat, and share. We even had a nice big basket of fabric to go through that a former guild member donated for our charity quilts. Of course, we all acted as though we needed more fabric. Our guild donates quilts to the local hospitals to be given to children and teens admitted there.  Everyone does their own thing.  There are baby quilts and lap quilts. Last year several quilts were donated to the women’s abuse home nearby. I had my baby quilt all cut out.  I had bought a panel designed for a soft baby book, but decided to cut some of the blocks to make quilts instead.  I was able to piece the whole quilt at the workshop and get it sandwiched together.  I was lacking the quilting thread I wanted, so I quilted it when I got home, machine stitched the binding and yeah – done!! And there is an extra bonus – it it one of my UFO’s for our guild’s challenge!

CharityBabyBlock (Large)

Another UFO that I posted about earlier is now quilted and bound. I just finished it this week and am so happy that my daughter wants this one.  That makes nine of my 20 UFO’s complete. I am really itching to start a new quilt but am holding to the challenges. How long can I hold out???

Stick Pinwheel final (Large)


Stick Pinwheel closeup (Large)

The Hydrangeas and Astilbes are the big treats in the garden this week. My one and only Calla Lilly is lavender. Lots of rain has made all the flowers very happy.

Hydrangea (Large)Calla Lily (Large)Atilbe (Large)

Bounty of Batiks

Batiks – I have six bins! They are all pieces, no yardage – some fat quarter size and just a few half yards. It seemed like another scrappy was in order. There are 3 different blocks. I chose the pieces randomly. With batiks this method just works. I did have the brown for the sashing and then had to buy the gold. I’ll admit, when it was finished I wasn’t in love with this quilt. However, when my son saw it he voiced how much he liked it and would love to have it. Yup – it now lives with him! Photographing this quilt helped me embrace it a little more.

Batik Beauty (Large)

Batik on bench (Large)

I love the way the shadows play on all the different colors and patterns. I really do like the pattern the long arm quilter chose. The curves work with all the squares.

Batik quilting (Large)

There was a lot of sewing done in this quilt, and I’m so glad it’s found a home where it’s really appreciated. And the six bins of batiks? Still full – can’t tell that anything was taken out.

IMG_0097 (Large)IMG_0094 (Large)








It has been a glorious spring in the garden. The ferns are in full and I am amazed that the hellebores are still in bloom. The Jack-in-the-Pulpits are the largest they have ever been! The azaleas bloom in various stages and it will be sad when they are all gone in a month.


IMG_0090 (Large)



IMG_0093 (Large)









These are views from my back deck – am so glad you can’t see the weeds from this distance!

IMG_0102 (Large)

IMG_0104 (Large)

Label That Quilt

Too often I finish a quilt and have not done a label. Ideally I will do the label and attach it to the back before it is quilted but it seems that rarely happens. I’m also not always sure what I want to name the quilt or what home it is going to find before the quilting.

At our last guild meeting one of the members shared how she is now labeling her quilts. Had to try it and love it! You set the label in a corner of the quilt when you bind it. It gets sewn on as you bind! I just did this on a quilt I am finishing and it feels so good to know when those last binding stitches are done – so is the label. Done and Done!!

Here’s a pic of the finished label. I have attached a PDF for the instructions so it can be printed out for future reference.  corner label inst
corner label(Large)

Remember: your quilt is a work of art! Would a painter finish a painting without a signature? Would a potter finish a piece without a stamp or signature? How wonderful for future generations to know when and where a quilt was made, who made the quilt and any other info you want to put on it. So go cut some squares out and label your quilts

Two Crossed the Finish Line!

It feels so good to have two finishes – and they’re both UFO’s for my guild’s challenge! That’s now six out of twenty. I should have empty project boxes now – not so. Projects that were in zip loc bags are now in the project boxes. It’s quite the cycle!

Charity quilt (Large)

The baby quilt has squares in it from a panel I purchased that was meant for a soft baby book. There are enough squares for two more quilts. It was fun to pull pieces of fun prints and put them all together. This is a charity quilt and will go to a child that is hospitalized.

100 patch on rail 1 (Large)
The center of this scrappy quilt has 100 patches. There are 492 pieces in the quilt – not as many as I originally planned. I was going to do a pieced border until I discovered the green with white polka dot fabric in my stash and fell in love. There are some duplicates in the 2 ½” squares. Once again I’m amazed that when these are pieced it becomes yardage, yet my scrap bins do not reduce in bulk at all!

100 patch full (Large)

Now I have two more quilts that just need binding. Oh how I want to cut out a new project but am resisting the temptation. May be this fall? But now it is glorious spring. I love these red rhododendrons. Temperatures have been perfect to get some much needed weeding and mulching done. The rewards, as in sewing, are great.

rhododendrons (Large)

Scrapbuster Sunday

Full FlannelYikes! I’m on a roll! Last week I finished three quilt tops and quilted one! I’ve done several flannel quilts and have kept the scraps (of course). I did another strip quilt using 1″ and 1 1/2″ quilt strips. This time I used a rectangular base instead of a square and used one of the bolder flannel strips to make a focus diamond. The backing fabric is a fun stripe. I quilted this one myself and feel quite certain it will be my last flannel strip quilt. 

Flannel folded


The scraps?  Oh yes, there is still a bag full. They have been passed on to a quilting buddy who may be just as crazy as I am and make a flannel string quilt too!


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