Scrapbuster Sunday

I am having sew much fun with scraps. And, I won’t ever run out!  When I cut the pieces for blocks for a charity quilt to be sewn at the retreat (finished blocks to be shown on a later date) I just could  not put the leftover fabric away. What to do.  Such pretty colors but not enough for a quilt. Solids! I added some vibrant solids and did a stick pinwheel block.

stick pinwheel block and fabric (Large)

There are four components to the full block. I had those done before the retreat and while there I pieced all four parts.  I laid them all out and YIKES!  I pieced half – yes half – of the blocks incorrectly. The other quilters encouraged me to immediately take them apart and some even helped. I was now on a mission. I re-pieced all 12 blocks, got my layout done, and pieced the rows before going to bed. Granted it was 1 AM, but I did it! First thing in the morning I joined the rows and voila! Done. The quilt really needed another row but not a bit of the print fabric left. At home I pulled 6 of the solids and added the triple borders around to mimic the solid piecing in the blocks.

stick pinwheel on line (Large)


stick pinwheel on grass (Large)

Such a pretty spring morning – I couldn’t resist placing the quilt on the oh so green grass even though it was wet.  It’s just dew – no harm.

This is a UFO in my guild challenge but won’t count until it’s quilted and bound. Another day. Another post.

Retreat F U N !!

The 2014 Sew Modern Retreat has ended – it was SEW much fun!! Quilters came from South Carolina, Charlotte, Ohio and the Blowing Rock area to quilt, sew, laugh, shop and share. We dined together and went to the area quilt shop together. We had to buy more fabric, right?? And, each of the attendees put together a block for a charity quilt that will be put together in the next few weeks.

Me with the group

Me with the group

FUN Group!

FUN Group!

This was such a talented, helpful and knowledgeable group. I am just sorry that I did not get pics of more of the projects being worked on. Hope you all come back next year ladies!


Momma’s New Bag

There are 17 UFO’s for me to complete for my guild challenge and packing to do for tomorrow’s retreat. So what do I do?  Start a new project! I love to keep my current projects in these plastic boxes with a snap lid – they are the perfect size. So…I made a bag that they would fit into perfectly. I love this home dec fabric - great colors and so lively! I’m not much on the planning end – rough sketched on paper, measured one of the boxes and then went from there. Hubby helped with the grommets, I covered some soft “rope” for the handles and voila! A bag big enough to hold several project boxes and other needed things. (and YES, the grass needs cutting – finally Spring!)

 bag and project box (Large)

Project bag (Large)

And what a pile of packing I have done! Here’s a suggested list for retreats. I have to keep a checklist or I am bound to forget something important – like an extension cord. A spare machine has become a must for me as I had a breakdown at one retreat and was glad for a backup.

  This weekend should be SEW much fun! Hopefully I’ll have lots of progress to post when I get back.

Fun & Charity


First, I have finally uploaded quilts I have designed – click on the quilt pic on the Free Pattern page and the free pattern pdf will load. Enjoy!

Most quilters I know are very grateful for the abundance of stash and scraps piled high in their studios. Charity quilts are made in abundance! At this week’s Sew Modern retreat, blocks for two charity quilts will be made. For several years I made this a race – whoever finished their block first won. It made for some wonky blocks! Now, each person choosing to participate sews a block at their own pace (the blocks are all ready and precut for them) and when finished, they put their name in for a prize drawing. The result is more accurate blocks that can be put together with more ease. We’ll be using Erin McMorris’ La Dee Da fabric – fun colors and prints! This one is sure to put a smile on a child’s face.

 lot ti da (Large)

The second quilt will be made from Kathy Davis’ Enchantment fabric. These blocks have fewer pieces, so each “kit” has two blocks to be sewn. Doesn’t show up too well on the white design board, but it will make a lovely quilt.

 kathy davis (Large)

The Block Kits

The Block Kits

The winner will get a grand prize – what fun! And after all are put together into quilts, two very fortunate folks will receive a quilt made with love and fun.

     Note:  The charity quilts are donated to various causes:  children in hospitals,   hospice patients, or women in abuse centers.

On another note, we have been fortunate to have a number of hawks at our house – there’s even a nest in the tree across the street! Not the clearest shot, but hubby did get this one. Amazing how fewer squirrels we’ve had menacing the yard!



Hubbie is an avid reader. During the warmer months, he often takes the boat out for an overnighter or two. Last year he mentioned that the chair he sits in while reading on the boat could use a cushion. Aha! Christmas present! I purchased a piece of high density foam at the fabric store and cut it into a 14” square. Hint: An electric knife is the perfect tool for cutting foam.

foam square (Large)

I chose a sea worthy looking home dec fabric from my stash and then printed off one of our favorite lines from the TV show Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Cooper’s famous “You’re in my Spot.” The letters were easy. It was the elliptical shapes for the atomic symbol that were a bit of a challenge, but I am very happy with how that turned out.
Now the problem with trying to do a surprise gift for my man is…he’s always there!

Letters (Large)

atomic symbol (Large)

I’d get an hour here and there, but it was not done for Christmas. Yes, I gave it to him unfinished. Yesterday I finished it! AND, it will count as one of my UFO’s for my guild’s challenge. (Only 13 more to go!) And yes, the one corner is a bit wonky – I need to adjust the foam a bit more. I do know that I never want to do another box pillow!

Spot pillow (Large)


Scrap Buster Sunday

Now that my scraps are all organized, it’s time for me to make better use of them.  When I was preparing for my last scrap quilt, I cut 2 1/2″ squares with my die cutter and filled a shoe box (that’s a lot of 2 1/2″ squares!).  For this project, I did not want to have to separate lights from darks – I just wanted to go scrappy.  I don’t seem to have many true lights – my whole stash is very colorful and bold!  I found this scrap quilt on the net and began by piecing the 2 1/2″ squares as leaders and enders.  Then I pieced them into groups of four and then put those together.  Before I knew it I had the center 100 patch I needed.  When this quilt is done, it will count as one of my UFO’s for my guild’s challenge.

quilt section 

full 100 patch

I didn’t want to use white for the borders. After auditioning many fabrics for the borders it was clear I was going to have to purchase what I wanted. So much for working just from stash! I decided on a white with small green polka dots. I bought it through the mail and was a bit nervous about whether it would work or not.  Yeah! I love it! It really is perfect. I’ll be adding two more borders pieced with the squares and the polka dot strips between. When this quilt is done, it will count as one of my UFO’s for my guild’s challenge. Alas, I have to put it away for a week or two. I’m preparing some goodies for Spring Quilt Market and…preparing for the retreat in Blowing Rock!

gift bag

This bag is FULL of great prizes.  There’s still a few open places at the retreat - come join me!

The Great Stitched Postcard Swap

The Great Stitched Postcard SwapAn international swap – how fun that would be! Participants were to  make an art post card. It could be paper, fabric or the medium of their choosing.  No surprise I chose fabric.  My base was  a heavy weight fusible 5 x 7.  I began by pulling various scraps working from a Kaffe Fasset print and then adding to it – I chose 7 for my background. I layered the first two, cut a wavy line, then pulled them apart.  The first piece was fused to the base. I then layered the next two fabrics, cut a wavy line, and placed the first of those two onto the base, fitting it to the first fused piece.  I did this with all 7 fabrics – it was a fun and colorful puzzle! I used an uneven zig zag down the center of each seam using various threads.

Curve piecing ATCStrips ATC

Applique Layer ATC

I then cut leaves, a flower and the same flower  in a small size. I fused the first layer of the flower, stitched around the edges and then layered the second flower on top of it.  All this was done with a fusible backing.  I placed the leaves and then fused those down also.  I did some free motion stitching on the top flower and leaves. Embellishment was done with a few beads in the center of the flower and highlights done with some glitter paint on the leaves and Lumiere on the flower.  I then fused a piece of off white to the back of the card, trimmed the card to a 4 x 6″ and zig zagged around the edges using a varietated thread.

This card is now off to Hong Kong to my swap partner. I can’t wait to see what I receive in return! I’m especially greatful for this swap because it gave me an evening of creative play!

Art Card Completed


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