Scrapbuster Sunday – Failure!

I have been wanting to do a Christmas quilt for my home for quite some time. I found this pattern from Moda and decided to do it scrappy. This quilt is proof that scrappy doesn’t work for everything. The pieces I used were true scrappy – not all from the same line. Big mistake – I never went to the design board until all the pieces were done. I did the big pinwheels one week, and then a month later made the little pinwheels and so on. I’ve rearranged the blocks and colors at least a hundred times and it just doesn’t work. There is no way I could bring myself to sew this together. My thinking is that the pieces were just too big to work together. Down it came, separated pieces and like fabrics and stored away. I will use the large pinwheels for the backing of the new scrappy Christmas quilt I am now making. And… the new one is working and being sewn together!
Christmas Failure (Large)

Discouraged? No! I enjoyed the sewing process and it is a lesson well learned. The other pieces are not wasted, just waiting with my other scraps to be up on the design wall another day!

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Scrapbuster Sunday – Table Runner

A bit late in the day, but at least I finally got to the computer. I’ve been gone from this site for a little over a month now. What have I been doing?! Some reorganization in the studio for one. Not an awful lot, but enough to make things a little easier for me. Both a problem and a good thing for me is that I am equally left and right brained. Organization is a must, but so is creativity. I now have most of my project boxes where I can clearly see them and it helps to keep me motivated. Will I ever reduce the number of project boxes? Not likely – there are many in the queue to refill the empty boxes with!

I do have a finished project to show – a reversible batik table runner. But no looking at the quilting – I used this piece for practice and much more practice is needed! When I did my Batik Bounty, there were several blocks left over. I put them together without sashing. For the backing I chose strips from a purple batik strip roll I had in my stash. The binding was the real problem. It needed to be able to pull the front together and go well with the back. I did need to make a trip to the fabric store for this one. I chose a very, very dark purple that reads more like a solid than a batik. The results? I love it! This new finish graces the top of my antique oak dining table and adds a lot of style to the room.

Almost made it using only stash, but not quite.


Full (Large)Binding (Large)Back (Large)


Got it Covered

Just got back from a week in the mountains at the New River and it was wonderful! Of course I brought some handwork to do while relaxing on the front porch.  Warning! Do not take only one project.  I soon discovered I needed to execute the hand work another way, but did not have what I needed. That left me with the bulk of the week with no handwork! I did finish two books which was amazing. I have certainly learned my lesson!

machine cover

I did get a small project done a couple of weeks ago. My sewing studio tends to be a dusty place. When I first got my Bernina and set up my space as a  full sewing studio, I made a simple plain cover. Time to brighten things up!  I pulled out several batik pieces and began to cut and sew.  Batting, a backing and some quilting were next. I cut the sewn sections into small sections to piece and make a cover. I downloaded an outline of a sewing machine, backed a piece of black fabric with fusible, cut and fused it to the front piece and zig zagged the edges.  Sewed the top and sides together and bound the bottom.  Voila! A bright and cheery piece with a practical use. And…it is one of my UFOs for the challenge!

Fun Block and A Finish

3 fabrics (Large)

I had these 3 fabrics in my stash. Although not my usual style, I thought they were so elegant and pretty that I had to cut them up! I chose a split pinwheel block. Looks like a lot of cutting and sewing, but really isn’t.

layer cakes (Large)

(Live tutorial is on the Missouri Quilt Co site) First, cut fabrics into 10 inch squares. Place right sides together of two different fabrics and sew all the way around. Press. Cut corner to corner. Open up each section and press. (I press all my seams open so my work lays flat with no ridges.) Arrange as a pinwheel and sew.

last cut (Large)Last Cut 2 (Large)









Now it’s time to cut again! I cut 2 inches from the center line – 4 cuts as shown. Then rearrange the pieces to look like the finished blocks. Sew together. I then squared mine to 12 inches. Put the blocks together, add borders and you’re done!

blocks together (Large)final quilt (Large)

I very much enjoyed gifting this quilt to my nephew and his wife this past weekend when they were visiting from New York.

Mug Rug Greeting

I continue to be busy working on my UFO’s. Sometimes, though, little projects are very rewarding. A dear friend recently celebrated a big birthday. Friends and family were asked to send a card and on her birthday she was presented with a treasure trove of greetings and warm loving wishes from many. Of course, my mind tends to go to quilting, so I designed a fun mug rug.

70 fabric (1) (Large)70 fabric applique (Large)








I began by choosing background fabric, then an array of fun and lively fabrics for the appliqué. Yes, it was her 70th. Keeping it simple, a did a curved background and appliquéd a big “70.” Every birthday needs candles, so I used various fabrics for the candle appliqués. I fused the appliqués and zig-zagged around them. The flames on the candles did not look too great once stitched. Glitter paint to the rescue! It gave the piece some pop and filled in the stitching holes!

70 base (Large)

70 (Large)

A personal label on the back finished it off!  mug rug label

Now back to those bigger projects.

Christmas in July


full quilt 2 (Large)

At long last the split 16 Christmas quilt is finished! It is one of my UFO challenge finishes – that makes 9 out of 20. The number of pieces? 1,282! It was a lot of sewing and I am so glad I stuck with it. A Christmas quilt done in July – amazing. Now on to the other  Christmas quilt in the works!

quilt w flowers (Large)Block (Large)

I’ll need a bit of motivation to get back to it – maybe if I do something non-Christmas first. I have only about 3 more hours of work on a wall hanging that is also a UFO challenge. It will be so gratifying to be at #10.

Taking up a bit of sewing time has been helping to prep wood for the winter. I love our warm heat and low heating bills – but the work can be pretty intense. Hubby does most of it, and last weekend he and our daughter had great bonding time as they split wood for 4 hours! I don’t actually do too much, but hubby sure works like crazy and I am thankful.

It went from this...

It went from this…


to this...

to this…


to this!

to this!


Lots of cutting, splitting, stacking and sweat!

Lots of cutting, splitting, stacking and sweat!


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